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7 Tips for Working from Home

Moving from an office (where you’re only mildly responsible for the common space) to working from home (where you’re 100% responsible for the common space) is bound to mess with your head a bit. Lots of people who have been working from home for years are giving advice to those of us who are adjusting right now. Here at Mischief, the staff who have been remote for a while are helping those of us who have just transitioned to a work-from-home lifestyle. We’ve pulled together the best recommendations about keeping a routine, prioritizing mental health, and giving yourself a break.


Working from Home


  1. Have a morning routine. No matter how late you wake up, you should still take some time to greet the day on your own before dealing with work emails and messages. 
  2. Catch some vitamin D. While respecting social distancing measures and whatever closures your city has instituted, make sure to take some time to breathe fresh air. If you can go outside, take a short walk! If you’re relegated to inside, open a window or have some Vitamin D supplements. It will help clear your mind! 
  3. Make a comfortable relaxation space. Give yourself a space to relax away from your desk / workspace! If you need some ideas on cozy decor, check out ourMischief at Home collection. 
  4. Stretch break. Throw your arms over your head and stretch! If it works for a cat, it can work for you. We made aStretching at Home board on Pinterest to keep track of routines we like! 
  5. Sit-down meals. It’s easy to feel like you should always have your computer with you, or forget to take screen time breaks. Make the time to step away from your computer at least once a week for lunch, and ideally every night for dinner if you can! This also gives you some designated family or roommate time so you can take focus on work for a few hours and then relax. 
  6. Coffee dates. Although we’re all at home, we can still make time for a coffee break. Give yourself time during the day to share a coffee or tea break with one of your coworkers or friends over your video platform of choice. If you’re in need of a good and nerdy mug, we haveplenty of options for you!
  7. Pick up an old favorite. Whether it’s a book or a hobby or a childhood blanket, find one of the things that gave you comfort when you were younger and get started again. Many of my friends are picking up old instruments, and I’ve been rereading my favorite books and comics from my teenage years. New hobbies are great too, but there are so many things we used to do when we were younger that would be great to bring back now! 


This is a weird, scary time and we hope everyone who still has to go outside to the office is staying safe. For those of use who have had to transition to a home office, we hope you’ve got a comfortable chair (with apillow for your back).