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Broadway Show Summaries…

  • 2 min read
As someone new to the Broadway world, I am still trying to figure everything out. (ie. which shows to see first, which casts albums to listen to, which Broadway merch I NEED to own). Come along on this journey with me as I learn the bits and pieces of Broadway, starting with these five popular shows!


I have heard the cast album more times than I can count thanks to my theatre loving friends. Although I think this is supposed to be a true account of Alexander Hamilton’s life, the music is sung/rapped to add a little bit of -spice-. Seriously though, if we all went around singing and rapping about life, think about how much more fun History classes would have been?

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A group of cats (shockingly played by human performers, not actual cats) is trying to decide which of them gets to go to cat Heaven, and come back to Earth as a younger cat. These junkyard carts get together for a cat ball known as the Jellicle Ball, and a SUPER old cat gets to pick who goes to cat Heaven. IDK about you, but if I was him I would be picking myself!!

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I may not know Wicked 100%, but I do know The Wizard of Oz! Instead of following Dorothy and Toto down the yellow brick road, this show follows the story of the good and wicked witches of Oz. Spoiler alert: the green one is the wicked witch! Anyway, so Glinda and Elphaba weren't always labeled good/wicked. They were actually friends and roommates. From here I honestly don’t know the rest of the story, but I can assume the roommate situation DID NOT work out.


So a woman killed her husband and is now in jail, but also becoming famous ? The other women in the prison sing lots of songs about the terrible things they’ve done, but I’ll admit it is pretty catchy. The only question I still have is who the heck is Cicero?


Divorce, beheaded, died, divorce beheaded, survived, right? I love the female empowerment that is given off from this show. From what I have gathered this show has some powerful musical numbers and the costumes are top tier. Seriously, if I could wear their costumes out to run errands, I WOULD.

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