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How reading the first Percy Jackson book has changed me— SO MANY FEELINGS

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Hi fandom friends! 

So recently I have started reading the Percy Jackson series, and just finished the first book last night. I had seen the movies before beginning this adventure, so I felt as though I had already known the story. BOY, WAS I WRONG! Not only did I read about a completely different plot, but the characters and settings in my mind varied greatly from that depicted in the _____ movies. 


Below you will find a list of details left out of the movies that made the book version that much more magical:


1. The age of the characters

I think one of my favorite parts of delving into the book series was the fact the children actually act like children. They are still figuring things out in a magical and non-magical way. They have fears, they’re impulsive, un-decisive, and immature; but also making friendships, learning  about themselves, and stepping outside of their comfort zones. So much is added to Percy, Annabeth, and Grover’s characters in the books that did not transfer to the big screen.


2. The role of the Gods/Titans

Another thing more enjoyable about the book is the role the gods play in the plot. While they still do hold themselves to the high Mount Olympus pedestals, they are not exactly as mystical as the movies make them out to be. The book mentions Camp Half-Blood taking a field trip to the gods and often reference meeting them. They help their children in more ways than in the movie and although they do not have strong relationships with their children, it is evident that there is some level of love between them.

a. Ares

Oh Ares. Where were you in the movie??? Percy meeting/successfully fighting a GOD contributes much to the storyline and character development of Percy, and sets the tone for the relationship that will build with his fellow Ares cabin camp-mates.

b. Kronos

To say the plot of the book and the plot of the movie are different is an understatement, and something I feel personally robbed of from the movie. Although Kronos does get his time to shine in the second movie, I don’t think they truly capture everything. One of Kronos’ main tactics is entering the dreams of gods and half-bloods alike to communicate or show visions, ALL FROM THE DEPTHS OF TARTARUS MIND YOU. Something about this seizure of dreams makes Kronos appear in a much more manipulative and evil way, making you more fearful for our favorite half-blood heroes.

c. Mr. D (Dionysus)

Mr. D is a character that I think is much more understood in the book series. The movie skims over the background of why exactly he has the emotions that he does towards Percy and the other characters at Camp Half-Blood


3. Camp Half Blood

a. This isn’t Hogwarts

No this is not a full school where children are shipped off to , rarely to see their families again. It’s more like a summer camp for all things magical. It is also protected by Thalia’s tree, instilling some level of safety for the campers, again, unlike Hogwarts.

b. Matching camp shirts

Why. Just why couldn’t the half-bloods have the signature orange camp shirts from the book? Although this isn’t a HUGE factor left out of the movie, I still have SOME FEELINGS about it.

c. The necklaces

Another BIG feeling I have is about the camp necklaces. In the book, these are very meaningful to campers and commemorate another summer at Camp Half-Blood, while depicting the most exciting/influential thing that happened that year. I think this also really tracks with something twelve year old's would really do at summer camp.

c. The god-specific houses

I really enjoyed the description of the different god-specific cabins at Camp Half Blood. This allowed me to better understand the mix of half-bloods at the camp and their personalities. This also was a contributing factor to the seriousness that was Percy. The fact he slept in a cabin alone, instead of others like the overcrowded Hermes cabin, made him appear that much more unique.


Although I could go on & on about the differences in Grover’s character, the whole St. Louis storyline, and Smelly Gabe’s personality; I, instead, urge you to join the conversation with me at @leakycon on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok!


See you there!


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