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Mischief Launches Gift Cards!

Hi there —

Everyone at Mischief hopes that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

We won't sugarcoat it: Mischief has been hit hard by the onset of COVID-19. We know that most of you have, too. We have also gotten a lot of questions about whether our events will still take place this summer. We don't know all the answers right now, but we are working toward them.

For more than 10 years we have been a haven of community; we aim to give everyone a place to feel fully at home with the ideas and passions that make them who they are. Dancing at the LeakyCon ball, shouting along at a Broadway singalong, debating the ending to a beloved TV show: these activities have brought us all immeasurable value over the years.

When we are through this crisis, we will return to those activities with endless enthusiasm. Frankly, we cannot wait. 

Many of you have asked the best way to support us. As a small business we depend heavily on ticket revenue, and we know that to generate that ticket revenue you need to know that the ticket can be redeemed. So that's why we are offering, starting today and until this crisis has passed, a way to do three things at once:
  • Get a ticket to one of our events
  • Do so at a hefty discount
  • Support your friendly fan convention company
The gift cards now on sale can be used at any Mischief Original event (currently: LeakyCon, BroadwayCon, Con of Thrones, and PodcastCon, but including any we introduce in the future). These cards offer a starting discount of 20%, which is more than we almost ever offer, and it's applicable to any ticket, any time, for two years. 

Additionally, at the highest level you'll join a circle of Mischief supporters whose name we will memorialize on our Web site and who I'd love to personally thank with a video call to discuss how Mischief is working to come out of this period stronger.

We hope that the combination of savings, flexibility, and support is appealing to you. You all have always helped us operate by showing us the model of fandom and community you want to see in the world; thank you so much for considering supporting us during this time of turbulence. 

The Mischief team