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Ceramic white mug with design, "Plant Parent" on a table with plants.

One sure way to refresh your workspace for Spring.

Studies show that adding plants to your workspace can improve air quality, mood, and productivity. Not to mention that they're great desk mates.
There's also the opportunity to feature a design element to your all-business space with a unique pot (with drainage holes of course).

But don't forget to care for your friend. It certainly helps to choose a plant that is low maintenance and can deal with the weekends without your company. I suggest haworthia, jade, snake plant, just about any type of cactus, and if you're feeling more aquatic, try a moss ball (I have 6). They are slow growers and I've found that these types want as much attention as a teenager. They will most likely thrive on your neglect. My tell-tale sign to water is wrinkly leaves—it's better to underwater than overwater.

Plants make everything better, and your workspace will feel more beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring with the addition of a new friend. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you!