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The Socially Distant Collection

  • 2 min read

Whether you’re working from home, starting school at home, or just plain at home, we’re all in this together. At Mischief, we transitioned to the work-from-home life over a month ago. We’re getting used to the trappings of social distance, but we do miss seeing each other every day. 

Socially Distant Collection

If there were companies that didn’t have remote communication software before, they certainly do now. Figuring out the etiquette of larger group discussions is a major hurdle for those kinds of services. Seeing the dramatic phrase “several people are typing” in response to a message you just sent means something exciting is about to go down. Good or bad, so many people’s fingers are dancing across the keyboard that they’re breaking the software’s ability to report who’s typing

There are unexpected challenges when staying at home all day, every day. It’s easy to lose track of the days when you don’t have your regular touchstones (check out our blog post onWFH tips if you need some ideas). We’re all trying to make new routines under the circumstances, especially with being able to step away and take a break from everything on the screen. And you should always double check what day it is

With everyone staying at home, we're basically all becoming introverts. At the very least, we all have to practice anti-social and introverted behavior to keep each other safe. Soon the divide will re-emerge, but right now it's important to just stay distant.  

In addition to video meetings for now remote companies, schools have had to move to video conferencing completely. It’s a whole new ballgame, and there are so many stories of teachers and students alike attempting to troubleshoot their online classrooms. No matter if you’re in school or not, we’re all members of the Zoom University 2020 cohort. School motto: bracae arbitria (pants optional). 

Staying in is the new going out, and all of our parties have to move online. Everyone’s using this time to rewatch old favorites, and you might as well make it an experience to have altogether. Instead of just book clubs, we’re starting to make and join rewatch clubs. It’s the ultimate comfort viewing to watch something you know well enough to act out yourself. 

Even though it’s painful to be separated for so long, we’re in this together. Staying at home and sticking to ourselves and our units right now is the best way to ensure we can all be together again in the future. It’s hard, but we hope we can help you through with these designs from our socially distant collection. Like everyone, we can’t wait until we can share all of favorite inside jokes in person, but we hope you can still share in the fun with your community over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Twitch, or wherever else you’re congregating!