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What if the Gods Were Helicopter Parents?

  • 2 min read

What if the gods had been more involved in their children's lives in the Percy Jackson series? Well, for starters, we probably would have had a lot fewer monsters to fight. After all, if your dad is Zeus, who's going to mess with you?


But on the other hand, having the gods around would have made things a lot more complicated. Just imagine trying to plan a demigod summer camp field trip with Apollo as your chaperone. You'd probably end up in a karaoke bar in Nashville instead of the Grand Canyon. Percy would fight a monster, and Poseidon would be standing by, shouting, "That's it, son! You're doing great!" Zeus would never let Thalia leave the house without a full suit of armor and a lightning bolt-shaped helmet. And then there's Hades. If Hades were a helicopter parent, he would have been the kind of dad who monitors his children's social media accounts and searches their bedrooms for contraband. 


Credit: @demigod_sassiness

And let's not forget about the drama that would come with having the gods around all the time. If you thought teenage life was dramatic, just wait until you have to deal with your dad turning into a swan and causing chaos in your love life.


On the bright side, the demigods would have access to some pretty sweet perks if their godly parents were more involved. Percy could have had a better beach day if Poseidon had whipped up some perfect weather, and Annabeth could have had a much easier time exploring the Labyrinth if Athena had given her a map.


But ultimately, the absence of the gods in the Percy Jackson series was what made it so exciting. The demigods had to rely on their own wits and strength to survive, and that made for some epic battles and tense moments. Plus, who doesn't love a good monster fight?


So while having the gods around may have made things a little easier for our heroes, it wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining. We'll just have to stick with the occasional godly appearance and keep enjoying the ride!

Thumbnail artwork: Credit: Viria